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Nov 21, 2011
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Thelemite, Male

Premium Member
    1. Adramelek
      Happy Halloween!
    2. Adramelek
      NO! He is a troll.
    3. Saint Frankenstein
      Saint Frankenstein
      Thanks! Some people do become cattier online. I'm actually quite a combative person online (and sometimes off) but I really make an effort to be cordial here. Lol. I haven't cursed anyone out... :p

      I didn't mean it to be offensive. I was using it in the same sense as here: Abrahamic religions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      It quicker than typing "Judaism, Christianity and Islam" out.
    4. Saint Frankenstein
      Saint Frankenstein
      Lol. I was being sarcastic in encouraging him. I could see pretty quickly that he's some New Age-y cultist of some sort. I don't know if anything he said has to do with actual Setianism.
    5. Saint Frankenstein
      Saint Frankenstein
      That's true. I have no idea what that guy was talking about...Seems to be a random kook...
    6. Saint Frankenstein
      Saint Frankenstein
      I understand. My conception of Satan is rather protean. I have looked into mythology, theology, art and literature and I see various facets of the Adversary in various areas. I personally do equate Satan with certain other Gods such as Prometheus, Set, Ea, Enki, etc. This is because I can see great commonalities between them. No, they are not exactly the same but the same essential archetypes seem to be expressing themselves in those myths. So I take my inspirations from various places. I take them as being figurative, narratives that help me to understand the One that I call Satan or Lucifer (yes, I went there :p).

      I have noticed that some rude outsiders have been ranting away in our DIR. Many LHP posters have been banned but Christians and Muslims make disrespectful posts and most of them don't seem to get a word said to them about it. I don't understand that. I don't know who would be reporting you, either.
    7. Saint Frankenstein
      Saint Frankenstein
      Thank you very much for your kind words! I do my best to represent my oddball little corner of Satanism! Have to keep things diverse, otherwise what would we bicker with each other about? :p
    8. Shadow Wolf
      Shadow Wolf
      I watched an interview with one of the Ghouls (the lead guitarist/the one it seems is leading the band) today. He was asked if he believes in Satan or not. His reply was that what is important is that he believes in us. It was pretty cool because he also said they like the Beach Boys, and he said the big influence behind Ghost is The Doors.
      Talking To Ghost About The Beach Boys - Noisey Meets Ghost #12 - YouTube
      Out of all the bands, I think I would be disappointed if it turns out the guy is not an adherent of the LHP.
    9. Shadow Wolf
      Shadow Wolf
      I did catch his hands aren't that old, but it didn't look out of place for his face. It makes me wonder if he was a Ghoul first since he said he was one of the ministry. But if they do change, it's hard to tell. It sounds like there is a slight difference between the first and second albums, but any ************** producer and mixer can make such a slight difference without any problems. They have done pretty good at keeping their identities hidden though, that much is for sure. And at least I'll get to see a glimpse of them at the Uproar fest. Granted they don't have much material yet, but 30 minutes just wont be enough.
    10. Shadow Wolf
      Shadow Wolf
      That kinda sucks that II isn't gonna be around much longer. I just wonder if Papa II intentionally made a Dr. Who reference or not on the comments? Really makes it seem all the more cool and authentic that Papa is some old guy, especially since they said they wanted to sound like they've always been there.
      Hopefully III will sound close enough to I and II, and I am actually shocked and surprised they are actually coming to Indy. This indeed has been the year for concerts here!
    11. Thirza Fallen
      Thirza Fallen
      Thanks for the compliment!!! It's just stuff that I am curious about or that's on my heart. Take care!
    12. Sha'irullah
      You are Jewish Luciferian? :thud: I have now heard everything
    13. illykitty
      So what does your title Luciferian mean to you? Curious after seeing your poll/post about Judaism DIR.
    14. crossfire
    15. crossfire
      You said, "Well I only used 100% to say I felt the response in question was completely off topic."
      Do you think that might be because you didn't understand my analogy about remaining open to the possibility of the existence of something you have heard described, but haven't yet experienced?
      Can you understand how I jumped to the conclusion of your mind being closed in this regard? I think our misunderstanding escalated because I was focusing on processes (i.e. not completely closing your mind to possibilities,) and you were focusing on things. (i.e. the black flame.)

      Eastern philosophies tend to focus more on processes, whereas Western philosophies tend to focus on things. The different emphasis can lead to all sorts of communication confusions, imo. My apologies for not taking this into account before posting. I should have emphasized the process element more in order to avoid the misunderstanding that resulted.
    16. crossfire
      And you did back off of the absolute stance of all symbols being meaningless. With my aversion to absolutes, and your not understanding my analogies, the misunderstandings escalated.
    17. crossfire
      It's not your not holding to the black flame that was bothering me, it was the "100%'s" and "meaningless" phrases that was bothering me, which I recognize that is something i need to work on, thanks. I wasn't going on the extreme offensive at all, especially about the black flame. I was more concerned about open mindedness regarding things one has not experienced yet. The "100%'s" and such words seem to signal a closed mind to me, which was my concern. But, I think I'm over it now.
    18. crossfire
      Clinging to the "One True Way" is an even stronger sign of a closed mind, no?
    19. crossfire
      Clinging is the key to fundy behavior, no?
    20. Octavia156
      hehe thank you - been after this for 3 years now!
      hope to see you in the DIR if it be your will :)
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