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  1. Vinayaka
    Mauritius probably has at least 500 temples. The MTTF (Mauritius Tamil Temple Federation) has 170 or so members, and the Tamil group isn't the largest ethnic Indian group as a result of the sugar...
  2. Left Coast
    I suppose it's "patriotic" in the widest sense possible: pride in and endorsement of the whole human race.
  3. Harel13
    I suppose that's true, but is universalism patriotic? Pre-WWI and between the two wars, America held that it didn't want to get involved in the affairs of the rest of the world, opting for a more...
  4. Left Coast
    @Harel13 I think the reason is to catch people's eye because we'd expect some message of American patriotism on that kind of medium. And Americans are a particularly patriotic bunch. So it's a...
  5. Harel13
    Interesting. Why have it on the American flag, though? Wouldn't the UN flag - or something - be more appropriate?