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  1. suhagogo
    +27659143055 As always, the beginning of the year has never been simple. It comes with lots of challenges like lost marriages, lost love, financial and job problems and so many more, but still...
  2. arthra
    There was an international Baha'i conference in Merida Mexico that we attended and there were Hands of the Cause of God that were also present.
  3. Ch@os*VV!tch
    People in this state are just the worst. Even if you believe abortion is a sin, banning it isn't Biblical (God literally gives a man a recipe to induce one in his wife to determine if she's been...
  4. Ch@os*VV!tch
    I do so love this quote. I've always considered self-care to be a necessary part of political activism.
  5. Ch@os*VV!tch
    @Spartan Even if same-sex marriage is 100% a sin (here is a really well-written and researched article about how Jesus might have felt about same-sex marriage that I truly believe is worth the...