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Bethsheba Ashe

Genesis 17:5

Gematria of the Torah.

Genesis 17:5
Bethsheba Ashe, Apr 21, 2019
    • HolyHolyHolyEvil
      God gave Abraham Lincoln to Mystery Babylon.

      MB = royal purple, so set your eyes on the American $5
    • Bethsheba Ashe

      There's a lot of people who are using gematria as a basis of free-association these days. It seems to be a fetish, and I don't regard it as useful or legitimate to think there's a numerical basis for conspiracy theories. Biblical Gematria is work with the actual Hebrew or Greek texts of the bible. The modern rave for linking free floating concepts with current(ish) events is not where it is at. To me this "gematria effect" style of doing things looks like a bunch of schizophrenic people off their meds on a holiday outing from the mental ward.
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    Apr 21, 2019
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