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lama lodro

ANCIENT WISDOM {part 2 of 2} Unboxed for 21st century by LAMA LODRO, Master Meditator

Learning what types of meditation work best for you and trying alternative techniques adds interest and momentum to your meditations. This meditation overview includes : Breath; Mudrā (Gesture); Mantra; Kasiṇa (Colour, Visual Objects); Visualization; Insight; Absorption; Calming; Study; etc.

lama lodro, Nov 5, 2017
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    Lama Lodro re: Down-Going of Suffering
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    lama lodro
    Nov 5, 2017
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  • :blacksunrays:
    This video is Part 2 (of two) public Interactive Dharma Dialogues on this subject by Lama Karma Tsundulp Lodro (of Yukon, Canada) in 2017 at Selkirk Vihara in Manitoba, Canada.


    Lama Karma Tsundulp Lodro (72 years old) has over 50 years of intensive and extensive meditation study and experience that encompasses multiple Theravada and Tibetan lineages of Buddhism as well as many secular (non-religious) sources.

    Lama Lodro brings the insight of a Master Meditator (informed by studies in modern science) to this overview of many Fields of meditation exercises including :

    - Breath [controlled and uncontrolled];
    - Mudrā [Gesture];
    - Mantra [Sound, Song, Prayer];
    - Kasiṇa [Colour, Visual Objects];
    - Theravada & Tibetan Deity meditations (going back to the Tantric roots);
    plus - Visualization; - Absorption; - Insight; - Concentration; - Calming; - Study;


    Details from the Visuddhimagga (known as "The Path of Purification") are discussed, particularly some of the MANY diverse types of customized meditations developed as medicines for different types of people to antidote afflictions caused by the Three Root Poisons.

    Written 16 centuries ago, the Visuddhimagga is a remarkable meditation manual and timeless classic that is relevant and useful today. It is the basis of many meditation exercises currently used in every lineage of Buddism.