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New Profile Posts

  1. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest MNoBody
    Thanx for flurbing the joys of over-regulation.
  2. ChristineM
    ChristineM Shadow Wolf
    Thanks for the frube Turing winner frube
  3. ChristineM
    ChristineM Quagmire
    Thanking you for the frube on LotR Inspiration
  4. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest JustGeorge
    Thanx for the OK with no ambition frubal.
  5. ChristineM
    ChristineM JustGeorge
    Thanking you for the funny frube on "Why Are Atheists Generally Smarter Than Religious People?"
  6. ChristineM
    ChristineM Mock Turtle
    Thanking you for the funny frube on "Why Are Atheists Generally Smarter Than Religious People?"
  7. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Heyo
    Thanx for the complexities of renewable power foober.
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  8. ChristineM
    ChristineM Left Coast
    Thanks for the creative frube on 2020 RF Poster Awards!

    It's the "avec" that is the secret to all good french cuisine, add a pinch of avec and you have yourself a repas gastronomique
    1. Left Coast
      Left Coast
      What's avec??
      Oct 25, 2020 at 10:26 AM
      ChristineM likes this.
    2. ChristineM
      wouldn't you like to know...?

      Ok, I'll tell you but keep it to yourself, avec is "with"...

      Example. Egg 'avec' bacon.

      A bit of 'avec' works wonders to an otherwise dreary meal ;-)
      Oct 25, 2020 at 11:14 AM
  9. ChristineM
    ChristineM SalixIncendium
    Thanks for the funny frube on "Why Are Atheists Generally Smarter Than Religious People?"
  10. ChristineM
    ChristineM Heyo
    Merci pour le frube sur 2020 RF Poster Awards!

    And the intelligent i frube on "Why Are Atheists Generally Smarter Than Religious People?"
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  11. ChristineM
    ChristineM Revoltingest
    Thanks for the good eating award and i-frube and for frubaling your MacTavish award
  12. ChristineM
    ChristineM Vouthon
    Thanks for the frube for music to wash the dishes by
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  13. ChristineM
    ChristineM Estro Felino
    Ta for liking mozzarella and pesto
  14. Salty Booger
    Salty Booger
    Time for bed. Politics is interesting but somewhat exhausting.
  15. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest danieldemol
    Thanx for flurbing no worries over Hunter Biden.
    And for the AI judge froobal.
  16. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest KAT-KAT
    Thanx for the interesting conversation froobation.
    And for flurballing good fun & mental health.
    And for floorbing Wu Wei in Homer's daydream.
    And for the Ziti frubi.
  17. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Heyo
    Thanx for the deep feeling of meh in the desert froobert.
    And for flurbing compulsion vs kwality.
    And for the non-gloating froubing.
    And for foolbring coloring outside the lines on the MENSA test.
    And for the day saved by Stephen Hawking frubing.
    And for furlballing the conspiracy against my winning the shopping spree.
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  18. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Harel13
    Thanx for the inattention to Biden's record frubul.
  19. Labourwave
    Labourwave Quintessence
    Thanks for the metoo frubals
  20. ChristineM
    ChristineM JustGeorge
    Cheers for the friendly and the like frubes on The Vegetarian Recipes Thread