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New Profile Posts

  1. ChristineM
    ChristineM Altfish
    Thanks for the like on whats your beef with brexit?
  2. ChristineM
    ChristineM Jaiket
    Thanks for the frube on Public Service Announcement: How to spot a socialist

    I just hope there are enough for everyone
  3. ChristineM
    ChristineM Estro Felino
    благодарю вас
  4. ChristineM
    ChristineM SkepticThinker
    Thanks for frubling Why atheism and atheists are just wrong
  5. ChristineM
    ChristineM A Vestigial Mote
    Thanks for the Why do they look so different frube
  6. savagewind
  7. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest AT-AT
    Thanx for the parasitic house guest froobal.
    And for the socialism frubism.
  8. ChristineM
    ChristineM Howard Is
    Thanks for the like on Why do they look so different?
  9. Andy Davis
  10. ChristineM
    ChristineM Subduction Zone
    Thanks for the Turn Your TV Off! Smash it! Kill it frube
  11. ChristineM
    ChristineM icehorse
    Thanks for the Why do they look so different frube
  12. ChristineM
    ChristineM Quagmire
    Thanks for the funny on Calling all artists!

    And thanks for the multiple (i)s in Turn Your TV Off! Smash it! Kill it!
  13. ChristineM
    ChristineM beenherebeforeagain
    Thanks for appreciating my art
    1. beenherebeforeagain
      It's bigger and more complete than mine...;^)
      Oct 20, 2019 at 3:36 PM
  14. ChristineM
  15. ChristineM
    ChristineM LuisDantas
    Thanks for the How Would You Handle This frube
  16. j1i
    j1i Landon Caeli
    1. Landon Caeli likes this.
  17. j1i
    j1i We Never Know
    Holiness Unto Yahuah!
  19. ChristineM
    ChristineM SalixIncendium
    Thanks for the frube on How Would You Handle This?
  20. ChristineM
    ChristineM Jedster
    Thanks for the like on A year ago tomorrow