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New Profile Posts

  1. hadrianus
  2. SalixIncendium
    थेरे इस नो रेलिगिओन् हिघेर थन त्रुतः
  3. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest columbus
    Thanx for froobing Calving, the old god!
  4. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Vee
    Thanx for frubing voting by womens!
  5. ChristineM
    ChristineM SkepticThinker
    Thank you for the Origin of Life - How Life Started on Earth frubals
  6. ChristineM
    ChristineM It Aint Necessarily So
    Thank you kind sir for the plethora of frubally things on Origin of Life - How Life Started on Earth
  7. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Jainarayan
    Thanx for the right to frubal !
    1. Jainarayan likes this.
  8. Wu Wei
    Wu Wei Revoltingest
    I'm sooooo happy you find my discomfort funny
  9. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest PopeADope
    Thanx for the women voting froobing!
    And for froobling sublithic bull coprolites!
    And for unlikely & uncomfortable furbable!
  10. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Akivah
    Thanx for froobing supporting everyone's rights!
  11. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Wirey
    Thanx for froobling inspecting for skid marks & racing stripes!
    And for the Weiner fruber!
    And for flurbing Hillary's Depends!
  12. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest Wu Wei
    I was concerned that a shark mimicking a bear would be a micro-aggression.
    Thanx for the furball !
  13. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest England my lionheart
    Thanx for the double standard fruble!
  14. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest YmirGF
    Thanx for the double standard frubal !
    And for flurbing lightening up!
  15. DJ_sXe
    sri Krsna govinda hare murari hey naath narayan vasudeva...
  16. DJ_sXe
  17. Rival
    Rival PopeADope
    Thanks for the likes bro.
  18. YmirGF
    YmirGF PopeADope
    Thanks for the loads of likes and funnies. Be well my friend.
    1. PopeADope likes this.
    2. PopeADope
      Your posts were a breath of fresh air for me. Thanks a billion! :-)
      Sep 25, 2017 at 1:28 AM
      YmirGF likes this.
  19. Revoltingest
    Revoltingest PopeADope
    Thanx for the Muhammad cartoon frubil !
    And for fruballing lightening up!
  20. Polymath257
    Polymath257 Revoltingest
    Thanks for the entropic like.
    1. Revoltingest
      Frubals only increase with posting activity....in a closed system, of course.
      Sep 24, 2017 at 8:10 PM
    2. Polymath257
      Is RF exothermic or endothermic?
      Sep 24, 2017 at 8:11 PM
    3. Revoltingest
      Endothermic...absorbing energy which would've been useful in the real world.
      Sep 24, 2017 at 8:19 PM
      Polymath257 likes this.