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Jolly, I do not think you mean to be dishonest, you may seriously believe what you are saying,

Thank you, someone sees the light. You are absolutely correct, I do NOT MEAN to be dishonest, and if one does not INTENTIONALLY MEAN IT then they are NOT IT. To be dishonest, you have to deliberately INTEND IT or do it.

Yes I really believe what I am saying.

but Dawkins is responding to a imaginary SCENARIO he could possible IMAGINE happen in FantasyLand, directly asked by Stein,

Yes, I understand that is what Dawkins was doing. I understand Dawkins does not believe in God nor intelligent design, but he admits not just here but elsewhere that there is an appearance of design. He is saying here, that if design WAS true, it still would not be by a God, but rather a super evolved intelligent being up there in space. That is my understanding of what he is saying in this video.

just watch the movie.

I did watch the video, I would not give the video if I did not watch it first myself.

Also, you have the Fact of Evolution, something Dawkins is aware of being a Professor in the Field, so he knows the FACT of Evolution and then gives SPECULATION ab out abiogenesis because Bein Stein DEMANDS him to give it, so he gives a POSSIBLE scenario.

Bein stein is not demanding Dawkins to ADMIT intelligent design, but is probing him to answer HOW this complex chemicals and life could have evolved or got created. To which Dawkins first says he don’t know, then says he does know (a contradiction). Then says even if it was designed, that still would not prove a God to him.

I understand what is going on in the video.

Did you not watch the movie? And do you not know the facts of Evolution? YUour opinion, nor Dawkins opinion is relevant to the FACT that EVOLUTION HAPPENS.

Yes I watched the video. Yes I know ABOUT the CLAIMS that evolution is factual, but I do not AGREE that they are factual.

I also agree that my opinion and Dawkins opinion does not matter for evolution. But evolution is not a fact, it is tons of theories about facts. If it was a fact, I would believe it, but since I don’t believe it, it is not a fact. I believe ALL facts, actually correction, I KNOW all facts are facts. You cannot believe something you know, belief involves taking a leap, with facts there is no leap to take, since you would know. But, I do not KNOW of evolution being a fact, and I disagree with it being a fact, therefore it is not a fact. Does this make me uneducated about the information about evolution? No, I have read a lot about it and debated about it before, not just on this website. I know about the issue, I don’t agree it is a fact.
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